About us

I. Common explanations


“Teoharovi” Ltd was registered in 1989 and executes its main activity in the town of Petrich and its production unit is situated in Drangovo (a nearby village).
Petrich is situated in the South-western part of Bulgaria, a region rich in beech wood. The fact that the factory is near the mountains Pirin, Belasitza and Ograzden eases the fast delivery of the needed supplies of wood.
“Teoharovi” Ltd is a company with many years of experience and traditions in the furniture production (especially tables and chairs) made from massive beech wood and oak wood. A highly productive equipment, computerized machines and modern technology are used in all the stages of production.


Our articles are well known and highly appreciated in Europe and the USA. The high quality is guaranteed by the following factors:


1. “Teoharovi” Ltd has a well built Quality Managing System and is certified EN ISO 9001: 2000 by BVQI.
2. The company has its own wood dryers “NARDI” – Italy with an automatic computerized control. This ensures the production humidity of the wood to be between 8% and 10%.
3. We use computerized copy aggregates including lengthwise cutting and grinding. That is a needed condition for the details to be precise, substitute and distinguished with their extremely smooth surface.
4. Precise manufacturing of the junctions, which ensures the stableness of the constructions of the chairs.
5. Control over the sorting of the details, depending on the colours of the wood.
6. We use wood colours and varnishes of the German company “Peter Lacke”. Their certificates guarantee that the surface covers answer the European Quality and Ecology demands.
7. “Teoharovi” Ltd uses many Bulgarian and imported fabrics that vary in their kind and colours, also supplied with quality and Ecology certificates. We also upholster with fabrics, received from our clients.
8. The package of the articles ensures transportation abroad and for long distances without blemish. The type of the package is agreed on with the client according to his needs and the type of transportation.
9. Presently in our factory are occupied about 110 employees.


II. Our collection


“Teoharovi” Ltd presently manufactures 142 models of chairs, 61 models of tables and other pieces of furniture from our brochure as well as articles, that are being manufactured according our clients’ models and specifications, with a year manufacturing of over 28 000 chairs and 1 500 tables. The seating furniture is as follows: chairs, arm chairs, bar chairs, stools, bar stools, foldable garden chairs, double and triple sofas, benches. They can be produced either with or without fabrics (only the wooden base). The outdoor furniture is manufactured with a varnish for an outdoor weather conditions.
“Teoharovi” Ltd also manufactures dining and lobby tables. The table tops can be made of massive beech and oak wood, MDF, glass etc. in different sizes and shapes, depending on the customers choice.
We also manufacture booths, bar panels, decorative screens and other article, made from wood and MDF, in different shapes and sizes, suitable for furnishing homes and public institutions. They vary depending on the demands of the specific architectural project and the design decisions.


The strong and stable construction of our furniture combined with their modern design make them suitable for furnishing both homes and public institutions.
Our company uses 21 standard varnishes for coloring the wood and has vast possibility to work with other colours, agreed on with the clients.
We constantly renew our collection, depending on the fashion tendencies and the market demands and we are ready to receive and approve ideas, projects and models from our partners and clients.


III. Our partners


The high quality of the articles of “Teoharovi” Ltd is related to the fact that in the manufacturing process we partner many European leading companies in the field of the furniture machinery, devices, instruments and materials like:



IV. Our clients


For a period of over 15 years now, the production of our company is well known in the USA and many European countries like Greece, Austria, Macedonia, Cyprus, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Israel and Great Britain. The exportation ranks over 50% of the manufactured by us articles.
Some of our biggest clients outside Bulgaria are: “NEXUS FURNITURE” based in London and its trade network all over Great Britain, “KAREKLADIKO” based in Tessaloniki and its trade network all over Greece, “93 DE-NI COMPANY” from Macedonia, “TOP PLAY” GMBH  from Austria.


The company furnishes more of the elite hotels in the Seaside and Mountain resorts. Some of our clients are:



Our company has established strong partnership with a number of buildings – investment companies as “Fair Play International”, “Planex”, “Galchev Engineering Group” etc.
In Bulgaria “Teoharovi” Ltd has a well built trade, commercial and distribution network with its own Showrooms in Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Blagoevgrad, Haskovo and Petrich.


Some of our distributors are also leading trading companies in Bulgaria:



V. Conditions for working with our clients


1. The company receives order forms, maintains correspondence and considers as authentic only the information that comes in writing – E-mail or fax;
2. In the written order form the articles should be requested exactly by model, count, colour, type of fabric and package;
3. The prices in our price list are ex – factory of “Teoharovi” Ltd, in Drangovo, near the town of Petrich;
4. For the Bulgarian market the prices are in leva, and no VAT included;
5. The terms for manufacturing are agreed on for every single order;
6. Way of payment -  50% of the total amount of the order in advance, 50% before the expedition of the manufactured production;
7. The client has the right to check the quality of the manufactured production before its expedition;


VI. Guarantee service


“Teoharovi” Ltd guarantees 12 months of service on the following conditions:
1. The guarantee term starts on the date of purchasing the article;
2. The guarantee service is valid if the guarantee card is written correctly and includes the exact data for the customer, seal of the manufacturer and a signature of one of his representatives;
3. The guarantee service can be refused on one the following conditions:

4. The guarantee service is accepted on one the following conditions:


VII. Types of readiness of the articles and transportation possibilities


The chairs can be transported in the following types of their finishing:


1. A wholly finished chair /article/ – wooden construction with the corresponding colour, varnish and upholstery.
2. Unfinished chair /article/, for example:

3. A half – joint chair /article/ – only separate details of the article are joint together. This allows about 4 or 5 pieces to be put together in a box and multiplies the count of the chairs in one container.
4. The wholly finished chairs /articles/ are packed and exported as follows:


The average size of a box is: 50cm.x 60cm. x 100cm. with an average capacity of 0, 3 m3
The tables ate transported unassembled, packed in an air plaster, cardboard and a box. Every box contains also a concrete scheme of the article’s assembling and joint.
In a standard 40 feet container can be transported between 350 and 400 pieces of wholly finished chairs, depending on their model.
If different articles are to be transported in a single container / chairs, tables, bar chairs, arm chairs etc. /, it will be necessary an additional calculation for the particular request to be made.
The half-joint chairs can be transported in a 40 feet container as follows: 1300 pieces, depending on their model.