About us

Design and quality

Design and quality

Over 30 years of experience

10 000 m² working space

Partners in over 28 countries

Over 400 customers

For over 30 years, Teoharovi Ltd. - Petrich has the pleasure to create quality and style for you. Our team has the privilege of working for the comfort and uniqueness of your home, hotel, restaurant or office, and not only building your interior but also complementing your lifestyle.

Appreciating the true beauty and warmth of solid wood, over the years Teoharovi Ltd. has created a huge collection of tables and chairs, featuring high quality and design for every taste.

Today, in this collection of over 280 chair models and over 60 table models, even the most demanding customers can find their style and personality. Our chairs, armchairs, barstools, stools, bar stools, double and triple sofas, folding and stacking garden chairs are an integral part of the interior of your home or public establishment.

Solid wood

280+ chair models

60+ table models

Public places

Solid wood

280+ chair models

60+ table models

Public places

Tables and chairs

Based on classics and modernism, we have developed a stylish collection of tables - living rooms, dining rooms and gardens, extensible and non-extendable, of solid wood, MDF and glass. In addition to the traditional beech wood chairs and tables, in recent years our highly qualified specialists have created for you a unique collection of oak furniture and the beauty of nature has entered your home.

Cabinet furniture

We have designed and developed a series of cabinet furniture - from the classic desks and libraries in the Palace style to the modern and practical sectional cabinets, wardrobes, dressers, chests and more.

Kitchen furniture

We know how important kitchen furniture is in our contemporary home, and so we have started manufacturing high-end kitchens, unique to individual projects only.

Upholstered furniture

To complement your interior we have developed upholstered furniture - armchairs, double and triple sofas, stools. And because we have a huge variety of fabrics and skins we can create the most appropriate upholstered furniture for your taste.


We have not forgotten the people who want to work in an environment of luxury, modern and functional interior. We can create desks, meeting tables, libraries and any other solid wood or MDF furniture you need for your office.

Public places

To make your restaurant or bar different, we can design and build bar counters, booths, decorative screens, waiters, paneling, columns and walls, and everything you need, which can give personality and style to your establishment.

Footsteps and railings

To complete the woodwork for your home, hotel, restaurant or office, we can design for you steps and railings for stairs, as well as railings for terraces and outdoor decorative screens.

Individual approach

Furnitures looks alike with each other everywhere in the world, but for every new product, for every new project, we put an individual approach and a sense to contribute to more beauty, convenience and functionality, aesthetics and harmony in the home, office and public establishment.

We are committed to the complete furnishing of your project.

Our team will design and advise you on the selection of models, shapes, colors, materials and sizes, according to your taste, needs and specific features of your work.

We will design the products with quality care and install them professionally and quickly.